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The Webcomic

Theo Wicklittle is a scrawny teenage boy who lives on a small farm with his widowed mother Sara and half-sister Molly. While working in a field, Theo comes across a sword buried in the mud. As he looks over the blade, he accidentally cuts himself - the smallest of nicks, leaving a drop of blood upon it. Suddenly, he then finds himself in the presence of a grubby and disheveled young woman, named Nya. He later learns that she’s a warrior who once wielded the sword Theo found. Long ago, during an ancient war, Nya was cursed and her soul imprisoned in her own weapon by a wizard named Gildún. Now, she and Theo must set out to free the remaining eight heroes from their weapons and ultimately defeat Gildún before his demonic servants find him.

The Creator

Hi, I'm David Wargo, the creator of Grimshard. This webcomic is a passion project of mine that begin back in early 2020. When I'm not working at my full time day job or spending time with my family, I'm working to bring my story and its characters to life. Its gone through a couple of iterations as I've developed as an artist and storyteller. Now, I'm finally ready to get it done. I'll be working as hard and as fast as I can, so please bear with me. In addition to the webcomic, I'm also posting timelapses videos to Youtube and updates to my social media platforms so if you'd like to stay up to date on my progress then please check them out.

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