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To New Beginnings...

It's not just a journey for my characters, but also for me as an artist. And, since its inception, Grimshard has gone through many changes. From its early beginnings as "VRHL", to a revamped styling as my artistic skills improved through constant practice. And now, with the story as a whole beginning to mature, I feel I ready, once more, to begin this journey anew with the goal of seeing this story through to completion, with a printed copy at the end.

I have everything I need to see this through. I have the skills, the ability, the tools and passion to make my dream a reality.

And so, here and now, I present to you what will be Grimshard in its finished form. In the coming weeks I'll be adding a Prolog to my work, one that I have been working on for much of last year. I will be working to produce more content faster than before and accompany each page with a timelapse on my youtube channel. Along with regular posts to my social media feeds, as I try to grow a fan base.

There is so much to do, and much to learn, but I will be working as hard as I can to see this through.

And so, here's to a new beginning, a first step on this new road. Let's see where it leads...

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